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MKIIA Fuel Crossover Adapters

MKIIA Fuel Crossover Adapters

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Hose adapters mounted to the inboard side of both fuel sponsons.  Connect to the 4" fuel crossover hose that runs cross-car below the driver's knees.  The RHS is open while the LHS has a flapper to trap fuel in the LH sponson, where the fuel pump pickups are located.


Also used on MKI Gulf/Mirage cars.



  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Stainless steel 1/4-28 bolts used as hinge locators for flapper door
  • Flapper weighted at the bottom

Sold as a pair of assemblies (for both LH and RH sponsons, enough for one car).

P-10-9591-BA (Adapter Assembly, Fuel Crossover, LH)
P-10-9593-BA (Adapter, Fuel Crossover, RH)


*Note:  Keen observers of the 1032 restoration photos will notice the flapper is marked "RH".  The flapper configuration varied by car and race.

In some instances there were flappers on both adapters, and the RH flapper was flipped to the outside of the adapter.  This configuration more aggressively biased fuel to the LH.

In other instances there were flappers on both sides, in the same configuration as shown for the LH here.  This was meant to keep the sponsons relatively equal as fuel is consumed.

The configuration offered here is as 1032 was when donated to the museum in 1968.

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