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MKII Rectangular Fuel Nut Rings

MKII Rectangular Fuel Nut Rings

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Rings installed at the top rear of both sponsons in the MKII to secure the fuel bladders and attach fuel vents and pickups.


  • 26 1/4"-28 UNF blind rivnuts
  • 2 10-32 UNF blind rivnuts for retaining the ring during installation
  • All rivnuts sealed with an alcohol-resistant sealant
  • Rings made of 0.125"-thick 6061-T6 aluminum

Same part used LH and RH.

Sold as a pair of assemblies (for both LH and RH sponsons, enough for one car).

P-10-6272-BA (Ring, Nut Retangular)
P-10-6341-BA (Ring, Reinforcing)


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