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MKII Fuel Tank Closing Panel Assemblies

MKII Fuel Tank Closing Panel Assemblies

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The panels that close the front of the sponsons after fuel bladder installation.  This is the MKII variant that uses countersunk screws rather than studs and nuts.  The solid panel is mounted inside the sponson, while the ring goes on the outside, capturing the sponson front panel in between.


  • Laser-cut 0.125" thick 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Cork backing on plate
  • Stainless steel countersunk fine-thread screws
  • Powder coated for long life

Sold as a pair of assemblies (for both LH and RH sponsons, enough for one car).

P-1-2119/20-BA (Ring - Fuel Tank - Closing Panel - RH/LH)
P-1-2121/2-BA (Fuel Tank - Closing Panel - RH/LH)


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