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MKII Steering Column Assembly

MKII Steering Column Assembly

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Exact replica of the steering column used in the MKII-A in 1966.
Relative to the original MKI design there were several improvements for robustness.
  • Increased main tube diameter and thickness
  • Increased shaft thickness
  • Thicker brackets with additional gusseting
  • Longer bushings
  • One-piece steering wheel hub

All tubing is seamless 4130N Chrome-Moly steel.  Fully brazed as original. The shaft is nickel plated while all other surfaces are powder-coated black.

The column is interchangeable with the MKI and once installed in the vehicle not visibly distinguishable.

The spline is 0.75" X 48 as used on some MG, Jaguars and Austin-Healey vehicles of the era as described by Woodward Steering.

The steering wheel hub has 3.06" bolt circle, compatible with the original wheel and the Moto-Lita replicas.

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